My attempts at the 30 Day Map Challenge for November 2021!

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30 Day Map Challenge: by Zaana!

This is a quick website for all the maps I’ve made for 2021’s 30 Day Map Challenge. This is my first year participating and I’ve had a blast!

Even though it was not a requirement, I managed to complete a map for each day. My main motivations for this challenge were to revisit old techniques, learn new ones, and try to create whatever I can, even if it were a map done in 5 minutes’ time!

This was an amazing opportunity to build my confidence in mapping, as well as network with some amazing people in the field! I am a fan of every single person who made something this month, and I can’t wait to see what everyone gets up to in the future.

I also posted my maps daily on both Twitter and LinkedIn, so feel free to connect with me on either platform!

Now, let’s get into it!

Day 1: Points

Created in QGIS. Map of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) highlighting locations of Moai statues Image

Day 2: Lines

Created in QGIS, with data processed in R. Map highlighting travel flow from the UK to the rest of the world Image

Day 3: Polygons

Created in QGIS. Simple polygon map showcasing the glacial cover of Jan Mayen, Svalbard Image

Day 4: Hexagons

Created in QGIS. Hex map of Indian states, highlighting percentage of Hindu population Image

Day 5: Challenge 1: OpenStreetMap

Created in Python using the prettymaps package and data from Overpass Turbo Image

Day 6: Red (Taylor’s Version)

Created in QGIS. Quick map of # of ticket sales at each USA venue of Taylor Swift’s 2013 RED Tour Image

Day 7: Green

Created in QGIS. Point map highlighting ASDA locations in the UK Image

Day 8: Blue

Created in QGIS. 2021 Hypoxia data in the Gulf of Mexico, based on max. dissolved oxygen Image

Day 9: Monochrome

Created in QGIS with data from Overpass Turbo. Map of the road network in Port of Spain, Trinidad Image

Day 10: Raster

Created in QGIS. Hillshade map of Barbados Image

Day 11: 3D

Created in R with Rayshader. Plan view map of Kilauea, Hawaii. Rayshader attempt #1 Image

Day 12: Population

Created in QGIS. Population density changes in Washington Image

Day 13: Challenge 2: Natural Earth

Created in QGIS. Bathymetry properties of the Caribbean Sea. Symbology styles by John Nelson Image

Day 14: New Tool

Created in kepler.gl. Population Density of London, following the tutorial by Alasdair Rae Image

Day 15: Map made without a computer

Created with embroidery floss in macrame style: small globe with pattern via Braceletbook.com Image

Day 16: Urban / Rural

Created in QGIS with data processed in R. Urban and Rural areas of 2010 California Image

Day 17: Land

Created in QGIS. Visualising raster data of landuse in India in 1985 vs 2005 Image

Day 18: Water

Created in QGIS. Water bodies of Canada >10 ha. in surface area Image

Day 19: Islands

Created in QGIS. Quick map of Åland Islands, highlighting main airports and airfields Image

Day 20: Movement

Created in QGIS, data processed in R. Map showcasing movement of 3 Herons from the MDIFW tracking project Image

Day 21: Elevation

Created in QGIS. Elevation data of Vancouver / Vancouver Island Image

Day 22: Boundaries

Created in QGIS. Quick map highlighting the major districts within Trinidad Image

Day 23: Challenge 3: GHSL

Created in QGIS and Aerialod. Map highlighting population density in the UK Image

Day 24: Historical

Created in QGIS. Historical map of ~1925 Trinidad highlighting the island’s now-defunct railway, with an overlay of the current major road and highway network


Day 25: Interactive

Created with Mapbox and Github. Interactive map highlighting the usage of the Night Tube in London during the first 5 months of service. Check it out here Image

Day 26: Choropleth

Created in QGIS. Map highlighting population % of dog owners in the contiguous US states Image

Day 27: Heatmap

Created in QGIS, data processed in R. Heatmap of wildfires in California between 2010 and 2018, per millions of acres affected Image

Day 28: The earth is not flat

Created in R with Rayshader. 3D Map of Hilo, Hawai’i, following the tutorial by David Solito. Rayshader attempt #2


Day 29: NULL

Created in QGIS. Map of Oregon and Boring, OR, highlighting location of Gravity Falls (can you tell I had no clue what to make this day…) Image

And that’s about the size of it! Datasets for each map will be uploaded / linked to my repo soon! In the meantime though, feel free to reach out on my socials if you’re looking for any of the datasets!